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Western Australia
Single Rack Truck TyresTRB 300

Transport operators, how do you transport truck tyres?

Stack them on top of your load?
Very time consuming and highly dangerous unless you have a harness system in place so your employee can't fall and hurt themselves.

Stack them onto a pallet & shrink-wrap them?
Also very time consuming and costly and not good for the planet when the plastic goes down to the tip.

Code TRB 300
Height (mm) 1350
Width (mm) 1000
Length (mm) 2240
Stackable Yes
Collapsible Yes
Double Rack Truck TyresTRB 600

Why not purchase some truck tyre racks so that the delivery driver rolls them into the racks, then you load the racks onto and off the truck with a forklift, then deliver to your client in the rack?

Better still, get your client to purchase the racks then they can just put the racks straight into their store and take the tyres out as they are needed.

Based in Perth, Western Australia. Shipping Australia-wide.

With new laws coming in all the time it is becoming more risky to have employees man-handling goods like this and it could leave you open to prosecution if someone hurts themselves.

Code TRB 600
Height (mm) 1250
Width (mm) 1570
Length (mm) 1700
Stackable Yes
Collapsible Yes